Olog - an Ecommerce Free HTML Template

Olog is an eCommerce free HTML template with a high-quality UI and secure payment options. Perfect for any online store with features like Shopping Cart, Wishlist, Newsletter, and more.

Olog - an Ecommerce Free HTML Template

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Olog Core Feature

Experience the power of Olog's core features - a customizable and easy-to-use eCommerce marketplace HTML template with features that have unlimited possibilities.

Product Listing, Product Quick View, and Product Detail

Easily browse through products with our Product Listing, and quickly view details with Product Quick View.

Shopping Cart, Product Wishlist, and Compare

Keep track of your products with ease using Shopping Cart, Product Wishlist, and Compare features.

Track Order, Order History, and Order Detail

Easily track products with Shopping Cart, Wishlist, and Compare. Shop with ease and convenience.

User Dashboard

Manage your account info, view order history, track your orders, manage your payment methods, and access other features like wishlists and customer support.

Simple Checkout Process

With Olog's simple checkout process, customers can complete their purchases quickly and easily. The streamlined process reduces cart abandonment and improves the overall shopping experience.

Product Rating & Review

Rating & Review feature allows users to rate and provide feedback on the products they have purchased, helping other potential customers to make informed decisions.

Other Features

Clicon template offers a variety of other features such as newsletter subscription, order tracking, browsing history, and customer support to enhance your eCommerce experience.

Multiple Languages & Currency

Clicon offers the convenience of multiple languages and currency support, allowing customers to shop in their preferred language and pay in their local currency.

Newsletter and Email Notification

Keep your customers informed about your latest offers and updates with the Newsletter and Email Notification feature of Clicon.

Social Authentication

Enable your users to sign up and log in quickly and easily with social authentication. Streamline the user experience and increase engagement with this convenient feature.

Order History & Detail

Order History & Detail feature allows users to view their past orders and details including order status, payment information, shipping details, and more.

Product Browsing History

Track your product browsing history with ease using Shopery's user-friendly interface. Keep track of the products you've viewed and easily find them again with just a few clicks.

Based on Extensive UX Research.

The shopery template is based on extensive UX research, resulting in a modern and user-friendly eCommerce experience for customers.

Save Payment Cards

The save payment cards feature in the e-commerce platform allows users to securely store their payment information for future purchases, making the checkout process faster and more convenient.

Easily Customizable Figma Files.

Everything is customizable in Clicon Figma file. all shapes are in vector SVG. Changing color or resizing won't cause any type of issue.

1320px Grid System.

This website is designed based on the bootstrap 1320px grid system + All layers, groups, and components are logically named correctly.

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Regular licenses allow you to let users use the platform free of charge. Sourcecode included. This license permits you to have 1 domain; purchase more licenses if you have multiple sites.

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Figma Free Version Available (Community)

Good news! Our Free Figma Version of Clicon eCommerce Template is now available. Upgrade to the paid version when you're ready to take your eCommerce business to the next level.