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At Templatecookie, we believe in the transformative power of digital solutions. We are more than a web and software development company; we are your trusted partner on the journey to success. Our mission is to empower businesses, both large and small, with innovative technology that drives growth, efficiency, and user satisfaction.

With a strong commitment to quality and a dedicated team of experts, Templatecookie is here to turn your digital dreams into reality. We pride ourselves on being a reliable source for all your web development, software solutions, and customization needs.

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Our Story

The Vision That Ignited a Journey

Our journey began with a vision – a vision to provide businesses with tailored digital solutions that make a difference. Founded in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Templatecookie started as a small venture driven by the passion of our CEO and Founder, Zakir. His deep-rooted belief in the potential of technology to revolutionize businesses led to the birth of Templatecookie.

From Vision to Milestones

Years of dedication and innovation have fueled our growth. It's our clients' success stories that inspire us. We've seen businesses thrive, entrepreneurs succeed, and ideas take flight in every project.

At Templatecookie, our team shares a vision with Zakir. We're more than developers; we're dreamers, creators, and your partners in the digital journey, dedicated to making every project a success.

Our Commitment to You

At Templatecookie, we're guided by core values that define our approach:

  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Ensuring Your Satisfaction
  • Embracing Continuous Improvement
  • Fueled by Innovation

We're dedicated to your success. As we move forward, we're excited to create more success stories and empower businesses in the digital age. Welcome to the Templatecookie family, where your vision is our mission.

Team Expertise

Our team of highly skilled developers specializes in Custom software and website development. With years of experience, they possess in-depth knowledge of our products and are committed to delivering exceptional support.

  • Zafor Iqbal - User Interface Designer

    Zafor Iqbal

    User Interface Designer

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Rakibul Islam - Frontend Developer

    Rakibul Islam

    Frontend Developer

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Suraiya Aysha - Laravel Developer

    Suraiya Aysha

    Laravel Developer

    Khulna, Bangladesh

  • Abdul Awal - Laravel Developer

    Abdul Awal

    Laravel Developer

    Rajshahi, Bangladesh

  • Opu Saha - Laravel Developer

    Opu Saha

    Laravel Developer

    Narsingdi, Bangladesh

  • Khalil Uddin - Laravel Developer

    Khalil Uddin

    Laravel Developer

    Noakhali, Bangladesh

  • Ariful Islam - Laravel Developer

    Ariful Islam

    Laravel Developer

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Zakir Hossen - CEO & Founder

    Zakir Hossen

    CEO & Founder

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

Our values

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We demand the utmost, delivering perfection every time.
Client Satisfaction
Your happiness fuels our purpose, making your success our mission.
We enthusiastically embrace change, pioneering progress continuously.
Together, we create lasting greatness, rooted in teamwork.
Trust is paramount in everything we do, underpinned by transparency and unwavering honesty.
Our work is our boundless passion, igniting drive, and creative fervor.
Continuous Learning
In an ever-changing world, we evolve, adapt, and learn.
We give back, strengthen, uplift our local community wholeheartedly.

Explore Opportunities and Get in Touch

In this section, we invite you to take action. Whether you're seeking to join our team or connect with us for your project, we're here to make your vision a reality. Get to know us through snapshots of our team and the vibrant working environment we thrive in. It's more than a workplace; it's where your journey to success begins.

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Team EnvironmentTeam EnvironmentTeam Environment