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How Do Job Portals Make Money? Job Portal Revenue Model

Updated at 15 February, 2023 Category: Job Board , Job Portal Script
Job board website revenue generating model

With the rising unemployment rate, more and more people are visiting different job portals to find jobs. And of the high demand of online job seekers, many people are turning to creating jb boards and monetizing them.

But the thing is very few can reach the peak earnings from the job portals. And one of the main reasons behind this is that they just can't utilize the different monetization strategies for job boards.

Well, in today’s blog I am going to share some of the most popular monetization methods successful job portals use to maximize their earnings.

Top 10 Ways Job Portals Make Money

1. Job Posting

Job portals generate revenue through various models, the most common of which is Job Posting. Job postings allow companies to post job openings on job portals for a fee; depending on the features offered, charges may vary from portal to portal. Job posters are usually charged based on the number of postings, duration of the post, or job post-exposure. 

Job portals also monetize their products and services by using tiered pricing plans for recruiters and employers, along with a commission for successful hires. Job board owners have other avenues to earn money such as selling data of potential candidates or providing resume writing services.

2. Resume Database Access

One monetization model for job boards is Resume Database Access. These services help employers gain access to a wider candidate pool by granting full read-only access to the job board's database of resumes. 

By charging employers based on a monthly subscription fee, job boards can generate significant revenue while still being able to offer free job postings or enhanced features such as targeted emails to potential candidates and analytical insights into recruitment results.

Resume Database Access can also help employers identify qualified candidates for positions more quickly, as resumes are already categorized and searchable. 

3. Paid Courses

Job portals offer a range of services that help job seekers find the best opportunities available. It's no surprise that these platforms have established lucrative sources of income. 

Paid courses are perhaps the most obvious example, but many portals also monetize by offering add-ons such as resume assessment features and exclusive access to job postings. 

Job portals offer premium online courses to help candidates find and better prepare for the job. Reed is a perfect example of a job board that also earns a big portion of revenue from selling online courses.

4. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a great way for job portals to make money. It allows them to display relevant ads on their websites and earn revenue from clicks and impressions. 

AdSense requires minimal effort and investment, and the revenue it generates can be quite significant. With Google AdSense, job portals can easily monetize their websites, providing a useful source of additional income.

5. Company Profiles

Company profiles are a great way for job portals to make money. Companies can pay to create a profile on these job portals in order to attract top talent. The profiles provide an overall description of the company, its mission, and values, as well as its products and services. 

It also provides job descriptions, job requirements, and contact information to interested job seekers. The company profile also gives employers the opportunity to showcase their company culture, benefits and perks, and other competitive advantages. 

This information can help job seekers better understand the company and determine whether it's a good fit for them. Companies can also purchase ads on the job portal, which can help promote their profile and their open positions.

6. Writing Resumes

Writing resumes and cover letters are excellent ways for job portals to make money. This service allows job seekers to create a polished and professional resume and cover letter that increases their chances of getting an interview. 

Job portals can leverage their expertise in resume and cover letter writing to offer this service to job seekers. The job seekers then pay a nominal fee for the service, which can be quite profitable for job boards. 

Besides, providing resume and cover letter writing services is an excellent way to differentiate job portals from the competition and attract more job seekers.

7. Job Backfill

Job backfill is an effective way for job portals to generate revenue. It involves job portals partnering with employers to fill open positions quickly and efficiently. Through job backfill, employers can pay a fee to the job portal in exchange for the portal sourcing, screening, and filling the vacancy quickly. 

The job portal then earns a fee for the successful hire, which helps them generate revenue. Job backfill is beneficial for employers as it reduces their time and cost for recruitment, allowing them to focus better on other areas of their business.

8. Career Coaching

Job portals have developed a lucrative Career Coaching revenue model to make money in today's competitive online recruitment market. By partnering with industry thought-leaders and leading companies, job portals are able to curate relevant resources and career advice as well as provide access to open positions. 

This model enables job portals to build relationships with prospective employers, while also offering services such as job preparation courses and CV writing sessions. Career Coaching packages can be offered at monthly or annual subscription rates, providing job portals with an additional source of income in an ever-evolving marketplace.

9. Banners

Banners and Ads are very popular ways for job portals to make money. Job boards earn money by advertising relevant products and services to their visitors. By displaying banner, video, and text ads on their website, job portals can bring in significant amounts of revenue. 

They can also partner with third-party ad networks to increase their reach and monetize their website. This method of generating income provides job portals with a reliable and consistent revenue stream.

10. Highlighted Job Listings

Highlighted job listing method involves companies paying a fee to have their job postings highlighted on the portal, making them more visible to potential applicants. 

Highlighted job listings are usually featured at the top of search results, on the homepage, and/or in other prominent locations on the portal. This increases the chances of applicants finding the job and applying for it which leads to increased revenue for the job portal.

Final Words

Overall, job portals have become a lucrative way to make money. There are several different methods by which job portals can generate revenue, including subscription fees, pay-per-click advertising, job postings, and other advertising and marketing methods. 

Job portals are becoming increasingly popular for those seeking employment, giving job portals an opportunity to benefit from the growing demand. With the right strategy and implementation, job portals can generate a steady stream of revenue and become a successful business.

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